Way of working

Global commitment, local action

Planet Hope initiates and supports educational and social projects aimed at underprivileged children and their families, always in close cooperation with local partner organizations. We call this global commitment, local action. In this way, every euro is spent in the best possible way, where it is most needed.


In order to improve the quality of these projects, Planet Hope Netherlands works cooperatively with professional social organizations in the fields of knowledge transfer and education. Together we provide knowlegde for our Indian partner organizations, local projects and staff members.

Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship plays an important role in our approach. After a sponsored start, projects with a social objective must be able to continue (partly) independently. The proceeds will go entirely to the educational and social projects of Planet Hope. The Learning Center is a striking example of this.

Almost no overhead

All activities in the Netherlands are done pro bono, which means that almost all the money ends up where it is most needed: in India. Towards sponsors and benefactors Planet Hope has an open way of communication and is transparent in everything they do.