Education programs


In the vision of Planet Hope it is important not only to make a meaningful impact in deprived communities we work in, but also to connect to the people directly around us. For this reason, we set up a daycare centre for toddlers of poor families living close to our office who cannot afford quality education for their children. Our daycare program, developed in-house together with Dutch educational professionals, show great results. The curriculum is based on the Montessori learning method that focusses on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. The special educational materials, donated by Dutch benefactors, stimulate the young children to learn in fun but effective ways.


Planet Hope provides workshops for teachers to upgrade their teaching skills. To become more impactful and responsive teachers, we developed a curriculum that is mainly focused on innovative and interactive education and teaching methods, in addition to the Indian model. The teach-the-teacher program is provided to all our teaching staff – from daycare to vocational education – by Dutch educational professionals from ROC Mondriaan. By uplifting the quality of the teachers and teaching methods we make a maximum impact for our students. Even in Covid-times the teach-the-teacher program continued online. 


Planet Hope believes in a holistic approach for human development. In addition to our education and skills development programs, our empowerment program is aimed at tackling the underlying problems children and women face on their road ahead. Our empowerment program focuses on various themes; from health and hygiene, diet and nutrition, financial and digital literacy to career guidance, personal development, self-defense, women and children rights, gender equality and prevention of women and children abuse.