Sponsor a child

The girl house is home to 20 teenage girls, aged between 12 to 18. As casteless ‘dalits’ they have been able to leave poverty and child labor in the barren stone quarries behind. With the help of the Planet Hope foundation, the girls now go to school and work hard on their future and that of their family. To give them a great deal of support, we are looking for committed sponsor parents who want to make a world of difference.

Why sponsor parents?

The annual budget of the girls’ house amounts to a total of 17,000 euros, or 70 euros per child per month. About half of this is intended for fixed costs such as housing, gas, water and light, personnel costs and the activity program. The other half concerns personal expenses for the girls, such as food and drink, care, medical costs and study costs (school fees, books, materials, uniforms).

To be less dependent on funds, which currently cover most of the budget, we are looking for committed sponsor parents who want to cover the personal costs of a girl (40 euros per month, or part thereof).

How does it work ?

Would you like to sponsor one of the girls? Please send an email with your address details to teamplanethope@gmail.com stating “Sponsor program”. You will then receive a proposal for a sponsor plan for one of the girls. Here you will find additional information, a registration form and a description of the girl with her personal background and a photo. You can also indicate for what amount you want to sponsor and how (via a monthly or annual automatic transfer).After you have completed and signed the registration form, you will receive a confirmation.

We keep you regularly informed through our newsletters. You can also expect a personal card from your sponsor child every now and then. You can also email your sponsor child once a month (accompanied by a local employee in Bangalore). Every year we organize a meeting for all sponsor parents, in which we provide additional information about the project