Finished Projects

Between 2010 and 2013 Planet Hope Netherlands worked with the Indian aid organization BIRDS Bangalore. With the support of Dutch donors and funds, we have been able to make a world of difference for:

Saint Mary’s school

Saint Mary’s primary school in Bangalore provides education to underprivileged children. They receive English-language education, which increases their chances of a better future.

The difference

On behalf of Planet Hope, Dutch teachers have volunteered to introduce a high-quality curriculum to complement the Indian curriculum. Not only did they teach themselves, but they also trained the Indian teachers to ensure that the innovative curriculum continued after they had left. In addition, accompanying textbooks and teaching materials have been donated by a Brabant youth fund. Because the school building was very outdated, Planet Hope has raised funds in the Netherlands for a new building that was taken into use in 2013.

Ashraya Deep daycare centre

The Ashraya Deep nursery is located on the edge of the stone quarries in Bangalore. The Jianderfonds hrealized the building a few years ago and covers the operating costs. More than 50 children aged 0 to 6 are cared for during the day. The toddlers and preschoolers can exchange the dangers of the stone mines for a child-friendly environment in which playful learning is a central theme. They are picked up in the morning with a van and brought home in the afternoon. A healthy and nutritious lunch ensures that the little ones have enough to eat, which is often lacking at home.

The difference

With the support of the Homico fonds Planet Hope has made sure that a playground has been built outside where the children can climb and swing. Furthermore, the complete school furniture has been renewed and educationally responsible toys have been purchased. To increase the safety of the children, an outside wall has been built around the site. Through the efforts of Dutch volunteers, teachers of Dutch primary schools, a teaching program has been set up and the Indian children’s teachers have been trained.

Amalarakkini school for blind children

Most schools in India are not equiped for children with a visual impairment. The Amalarakkini School for the Blind, in rural Tamil Nadu, is changing this. Nearly a hundred blind and visually impaired children attend adapted but full-fledged education here. The children not only receive lessons, but also shelter, food and medical care. The school is equipped to let the children learn optimally, from textbooks in Braille to small classes with a lot of personal attention. The aim is to allow students to enter regular schools as much as possible and to teach them to live independently later on.

The difference

Partly thanks to a contribution from the Wit-Gele Kruis Rotterdam, Planet Hope in 2009 covered 60 percent of the annual cost of living for all children. volunteer Corinne de Quartel also collected money in the Netherlands. With this, the school purchased musical instruments, attracted a music teacher and set up a music program. By making music, the visually impaired children can express themselves and let their confidence grow.