Volunteers & Interns

Planet Hope foundation offers people the possibility to provide a contribution by offering their time and talent to one of our projects or those of our partner organisations as volunteer or intern. Activities may vary from “hands on” jobs such a maintenance in the children’s home of more specialised activities such as teaching or social support. Those who are interested in volunteering of an internship can contact us. Please tell us what you are interested in, what your background is and what qualifications you have.

Volunteer Michiel ten Kate

Strategic advice for a social printing company

‘I wanted to provide a practical contribution, because just giving money seemed to be too easy… Making use of my talents and work experience I started working for a print shop of one of our NGO partners. This “commercial” part of the organisation was founded to raise money for social projects in India. I wrote a business plan, evaluated business processes and developed a website strategy (part of a marketing plan). Many of the children’s stories break your heart. But their smile, their resilience and their strong will and wish to making something of their lives have inspired me and touched my heart.’

Volunteer Corinne de Quartel

Music programme for blid school children

‘During my trip through India I visited a school for the Blind in Tamil Nadu. I was touched by the blind and visually impaired children, which have an opportunity to go to school here. After a conversation with school director, I learned that the school desperately needed musical instruments. Music has a great impact on the lives of these children and they can of course rely strongly on their well-developed hearing. By making music the children have a way to express themselves and it builds their confidence. In order to make their wish come true I was able to raise 250 euro with friends and family back in Holland. With the money instruments were bought, a music teacher was hired and a musical programme was developed. And even more beautiful: the children have formed a school band together!’