Vision and mission

Every child has talents, but many do not get the chance to develop theirs. education is the key!

Education is not a given

For millions of children, good education or even just going to a school, is not a given. They live in very dire situations: trapped in a spiral of severe poverty, low social hereditary, poor medical conditions in case of illness and disease, disrupted family situations and child labour. Because they have to support the family household, and even in some cases have to provide the family income already at a very young age, education is not a possibility for them.

Developing talents

Planet Hope wants to improve the situation of these boys and girls. We do this by giving them the opportunity to develop their talents in order for them to fulfil their role in society. On the one hand we address the socio-economical causes that hinder these children to go to school and on the other hand we lower the barrier for them to get access to education. With dedicated help and counselling their perspective for a better future increases dramatically. Together we can make a world of difference!