Food aid during Corona crisis

Since the lockdown in India, Planet Hope distributes free food packages to the poor who are struck by the corona crisis. In order to combat the corona virus, Indian prime minister Modi has ordered a national lockdown.

This measure has dramatic consequences for the poor population of India, like day wagers and migrant workers who lose their income immediately. Besides they are not eligible for the food being handed out by the governement because they lack ID-proof. They don’t have identity cards at all, or the documents are with family in their states of origin like Biohar or Tamil Nadu.

Stone quarries and graveyards
The Planet Hope staff, students and volunteers are committed to help the poor families who lost their jods and income bacause of the corona crisis. Every day from early morning to late at night, the team distributes food to communities in the stone quarries and at graveyards.

Food kits
In addition to the basic help by the government (milk and vegetables) Planet Hope hands out food packages with rice, lentils, oil, flour and sugar. We purchase these items with local shops, so these too are supported in these harsh economic times.

Sponsors wanted
Since March, we have supported 250 families and 750 people. Because the crisis continues, we are looking for more sponsors and donors to help the poor families in need.