Maak kennis met onze medewerkers in Bangalore.

"I believe that every woman deserves a chance to achieve her dreams and be empowered. Planet Hope believes in creating a nurturing and supporting environment for women to realise their ambitions and I am happy get to be a part of this journey."

Anjali I R
Program manager empowerment and education

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. Working in communities and reaching out to the people is my passion and Planet Hope helps me achieve that."

N. Tejhashwin
Field worker

"I believe in social justice values underlying all work and support women’s sense of self-worth and their right to make their own choices. Planet Hope nationally and internationally contributes to that. Together we can make the world a better place."

Mithun Chakravarthy
Communication coordinator and public relations

"Humans are social animals and communities are an essential part of one's life. To work with communities is where my passion lies and Planet Hope helps me do that."

Rohit Rajiv
Community developer

"At Planet Hope we are doing a lot for the empowerment of women and children through vocational training and educational courses. I am happy to contribute to that cause through vocational training programs and projects."

Nikhil Jose
Knowledge and research developer

"I had the chance to turn my dreams into reality. At Planet Hope I want to support and inspire other girls to do the same."

Communication coordinator

"I am elated to have the ‘right to work’ which helps me to be self reliant. I want youngsters and women living in rural and slum communities to have the same opportunities."

Pooja Sharma
Vocational and skill development coordinator